LAUSD After-School Arts Programs

White Oak Music & Arts' partnership with LAUSD Arts Community Network allows us to offer these programs at a reduced rate at local participating schools.  

Group Percussion/Dance




















School:  Classes are held on your school campus after school

Instructor:  Nandi Cepeda-Broadous

Course:  Group Percussion/Dance,  8 week course, 90 Minutes weekly


Course Overview




  • Exhibit kinesthetic awareness: control, concentration, focus, and clarity of movement.


  • Combine more than one element of dance to create dance sequences.


  • Use improvisation to discover and invent dance and percussion rhythms.


  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently and cooperatively.


  • Demonstrate ways to create dance movements from pedestrian movements.


  • Identify concepts which occur between dance and other content areas including Percussion Music, Theater Arts, and Visual Arts.


  • Create a dance and percussion sequence that demonstrates understanding of a concept or idea for a theatrical performance.


Creative expression and performance defines participation in the art of dance and percussion, integrating the application of body sciences and fitness with the principles of dance and percussion. Students develop and apply knowledge and skills of dance, choreography, and musical composition in a variety of styles. Students begin learning simple movement patterns and advance to the performance of complex dance phrases.  Fundamental dance and percussion skills and

techniques are demonstrated by the teacher and practiced by the students during class. Students learn by comparing and contrasting their movements, rhythms, and time with those of their instructor. Safety and the importance of warm-up are emphasized.  Students memorize movement sequences representative of several dance styles. Students perform short movement sequences to demonstrate technique and create phrases (patterns of dance sequences) in choreography.


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Choir/Musical Theater
















Open to young performers (ages 6 and up) of all levels, this choir introduces children to singing all styles of music, harmonizing, basic ear training and sight-singing, exploring the human voice in a fun, interactive way that will culminate in end of semester performances.  



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