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Take the Stage is a unique vocal performance program that pairs singers with a live band. Provides vocal training, stage performance skills & audience-command techniques.

(7 private lessons, full-band rehearsals, 1 dress rehearsal and 2 live-audience performances.)


Open to young singers of all levels, this choir introduces students to singing all styles of music, harmonizing, basic ear training and sight-singing, and exploring the human voice in a fun, interactive way culminating in end of semester performances.   (6 week program, twice weekly)



This engaging class introduces students to various percussion music & instruments including buckets!  The class incorporates dance and movement into the percussion routine and encourages students to “find their groove.” Ends in a culminating ensemble performance.  (6 weeks, twice weekly)


Integrate yoga into your practice and performance routines. Develop a focus and concentrated mind for performance. Avoid injuries and play with greater expression. Increase awareness of your body for proper posture and flexibility. Improve the connection between your body and your instrument, and your connection with the audience. (13 weeks, once weekly)


Learn to play 6 to 8 of your favorite songs in your own band. You will build a set of songs with bandmates who are at your age and skill level; learn how to use equiptment and proper rehearsal techniques. Culminates in an end of program performance in front of a live audience! (8 weeks, once weekly)

We are now partnered with The Rock School Scholarship Fund (RSSF) --the first 501(c)3 non-profit to provide scholarship funds and instruments for children ages 7 to 17 years of age who want to attend rock music school.  


The Rock School Scholarship Fund will provide instruments and scholarship funding to cover tuition expenses based on a student’s financial need combined with their desire to actively and passionately participate in a rock school program, and not on “talent” per se.


If a student wants to study Rock Camp but his or her parents cannot afford full tuition, they may apply for a scholarship based on financial need. To be considered, the student will need to demonstrate to the RSSF that he or she is passionate about learning and playing rock music, and that they will practice and work hard, support their fellow musicians, and will be a contributing member of the student body. Beginners are welcome to apply!


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